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Posted by guest (Dec-24-08)

i hope jason can whip me back into shape after dortmunder gold christmas ale and cookies meatballs too much to name

Posted by ryan (Dec-24-08)

just want to wish everyone at the gym and those who nolonger go and the guests of the board a very merry christmas and hope everyones holiday i safe and joyous o and yes santa could take a leg kick its f'in santa claus were talking about here he goes up and down chimneys and goes around the world in a single night thats a lot of lifting and running on rooftops now thats cardio for you and hes a heavyweight to boot prolly bigger


Posted by aj (Dec-24-08)

you have something very wrong with you.

  Merry Christmas everybody
Posted by Jason Dent (Dec-24-08)

I hope everyone has a relaxing good time with there family and or friends. Figures it warms up and quits snowing on Christmas Eve now that everyone is ready to relax and rest.

I Wonder if Santa could take a leg kick???

  merry christmas
Posted by Cheyenne (Dec-24-08)

wooo i'm off of work YEAHHH

merry christmas everyone

  workin late
Posted by TJ (Dec-24-08)

Hey jason, sorry i wont make it up to open gym today ( got off shift late ) Merry Christmas to you and everyone at Griffonrawl

Posted by ryan (Dec-23-08)

hey jason once again ill prolly be busy tmr with logan and forget i need to talk to you if you have time jsut call

ryan lose

  Whats up Dan the Man???
Posted by Jason Dent (Dec-23-08)

Its been a while since we talked last. Merry Christmas to you as well bro. If you don't have my cell shoot me an e-mail and I will get it to you. I'm gonna miss this site you designed a little when are new one goes up.

  Just a hello
Posted by Dan Krempel (Dec-23-08)

Just a hello to everyone, and a Very Merry Christmas. Miss you guys. Give me a call sometime Jay

  GR Team Sweatshirts back in stock!!!
Posted by Jason Dent (Dec-23-08)

Finally got a shipment of them in. Those waiting on getting some they are available starting tonight. Thanks for your patience and support.

Ring - Cage - Street - Choose Wisely!!!

  Open Gym on Christmas Eve Morning
Posted by Jason Dent (Dec-23-08)

From 10 to 12 Wednesday morning the Academy will be open for any GR members who want to come up to train. If your a monthly paying student the open gym is free if you are a pay per class student you must pay the mat fee to get in. I'm hoping lots of grapplers will come up so we can get some good free rolling in.

Strmac round us up some Grapplers!!!!

  This says it all
Posted by Strmac (Dec-23-08)


If you're not a degenerate, that means Nog is heavily favored.

Posted by guest (Dec-23-08)

with a card like this how did kongo and c.b. dollaway end up on this plus i heard rumors of hughes vs serra in columbus

Posted by ryan (Dec-23-08)

nog over mir
griffan over evans
wanderlai over jackson

Posted by aj (Dec-22-08)

How is nog going to beat mir. Please tell me how mir beats nog.

Standup - Yes frank mir is gonna be the first to ko nog ok not.

BJJ - Again no chance in subbing him hell Mir himself even said he isnt going to catch nog.

Cardio - again that HAS to be frank mirs strong point ok no again.

Heart - Not even going to go into this one Nogs biggest heart in MMA.

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